Shared ownership offers a product for almost anyone’s budget to create an affordable second home alternative.  Solutions range from finely appointed studio’s to sprawling sleep 16 penthouses that would satisfy some of the most discriminating buyers. Unlike full ownership where you are responsible for all upkeep and utilities, shared ownership developers take care of all maintenance  so you can make the most of your free time and not have to worry about lifting a finger for ANYTHING!

Many properties are located directly next to the main attraction of that area (beach, metropolitan square, chairlift or golf course). The best of these properties offer an abundance of amenities that you may enjoy. The more amenities your property has, the more fun you can enjoy without having to spend your hard earned dollar’s on outside entertainment. The best properties have many on-sight activities for all ages and can help direct and even arrange most any type of experience for you nearby.

Some programs also will exchange your residence for you.  Exchange opportunities vary from a cabin , eco lodge or castle to luxury residence’s in Manhattan or London. A new idea that many people are having great success with is owning a fractional product close to their home. Why purchase one you have to fly to when you can use the one close to your home more often and exchange it to your dream destinations !  Enjoying the many amenities year round offers a unique and very valuable way to extend and enhance your investment.

If you are considering a Fractional Ownership, Shared Ownership or Timeshare (all basically variations on the same concept) make sure you buy from an experienced developer with a long standing track record who will support and give you the most benefits.   Any form of shared ownership or timeshare should mainly be purchased as a low cost alternative to a second home and a way to have better vacations for less money in the long run.  In summary, you get what you pay for so don’t waste your precious leisure time and hard earned dollars with something that won’t get the job done! A wise man once said, you only have one childhood and one retirement so don’t waste them!:}

Many owners of second homes are realizing the huge down payment, yearly carrying cost and ongoing maintenance is not worth the risk, especially if they need access to their capital fast. Shared ownership is often such an easy low cost alternative, that you may want to take a close look before you invest in something that may end up costing you  allot of money and brain damage.

Now more than ever, families are looking for better way’s to make the most of their vacation dollars.   No matter if your looking for just one week of vacation a year or a flexible plan that works almost like a second home and a country club in the mountains, I invite you to let me prove to you why Grand Lodge on Peak 7 has received the coveted “Project of Excellence Award” given exclusively to the #1 PROJECT IN THE TIMESHARE INDUSTRY.

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